How to get more views on YouTube

YouTube is the best website to upload your videos onto. Its the #3 website in the USA according to Its easy to upload your videos to, but how do you get video views? The Big October Clothing will let you know how we get our views..


1. Have a simple video title
Whenever we upload a video we always have a simple title for fans to search. If your video title is simple it will be easier to remember. If the video is creative, funny, or interesting in some way the viewers who watched your video will tell their friends to watch the video. The longer the video title the harder it is to remember your video. If your video title is hard to remember viewers over time will forget the title.

2. Have informational content
If you're reading this right now its because you wanted information. Right or wrong? Most people on YouTube want information. You can have information on any subject, just know what you're talking about or the video comments will be bad.

3. Film on a low format camera  
If you're shooting a video on your iPhone 5 ,! Galaxy tab s 2, iPad mini, or any other small device your video will be easy to watch and stream. If you're shooting your video with a DSLR or higher reduce the HD to a smaller film quality. Your videos will still look nice just not as sharp but in this case you're looking for YouTube views. Once your videos start getting plenty of views then worry about the video quality. The Big October Clothing knows!

Tips on how to get more views on YouTube by Joshua Brown from The Big October Clothing. Follow him @jaybrown23 .

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