Things I learned as a CEO

As the CEO Of The Big October  there's lots of things that I've learned.

The first thing that I've learned is that things might not be so easy it takes time and dedication to get to where you want to go. When I first started out designing clothes I wanted The Big October clothing to be on karma . I did not know how to get my brand on their website. I did lots of research and it took a long time to find out how to get the big October clothing on their website. Once I found out I had to come up with a really good designs to send to them. I had to create 50 designs in order for them to be interested in my brand. I came up with a line sheet and send them the designs that were included on the line sheet. It took them two months before they discovered my line sheet that I emailed to them. They accepted my brand onto their website and had a vendor fee. I had to pay a fee to be on their website and to sell clothes. Even though I was on their website I still had to market and promote my brand. In order for Karma Loop to promote my brand I had to pay a fee. Having the big October clothing on their website took so much time money and dedication. I had to go back to being independent.

I Also learned that when you feel like your brand is not doing good because it does not have the exposure it needs that really means that you're not doing enough. I also learned that waiting on some big company to help your brand will not work. That big company will still require you to help yourself. They won't do things for you. The big corporations are usually for profit anyways meaning joining them requires a fee. I would rather grow my brand from the ground up then to have a corporate company take almost all of my profit. 

It's not easy making decisions as a CEO but I've learned to make the best decisions possible. All of all my decisions that I've made in the past wasn't all that great I'm glad that I made them because I've learned so much. Today I encourage you to make decisions no matter good or bad and learn from them. This will help you grow into a great CEO. I should write an article on how to grow into a great CEO because it rhymes ha ha. 😂

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