Why you should use social media to promote your brand.

Greetings and hello my name is Joshua Brown and I am the CEO of the big October called me today I am writing about why you should use social media to promote yourself and your brand. Basically when I first started out designing clothes I never knew how to promote my brand I always wanted to get my brand to the top but I never knew how. I always thought that the way I could make my brand hot within the city was to go outside and start to sell shirts. But that right now is very primitive. It's a primitive way of thinking. It could take hours and hours days months and years just for my brain to become known if I only promote my brand that way.  these are the thoughts that I was thinking years ago. That's when I came out with the idea to use Facebook in order to promote my brand. The problem was I was using Facebook to only talk to my friends and my family. Eventually I saw it as a marketing tool to promote my brand.it started to work at first but eventually Facebook started to decline and eventually Twitter and Instagram started to rise up. With the power of Facebook in the beginning I started to gain a fan base by promoting my work through Facebook. Because of that when Instagram and Twitter came out I had followers on both platforms thanks to my fanbase from Facebook. 


I was using my social media presence to market my product and to sell my product. I also was using it to inspire and to innovate the youth.  The more followers that I get on Instagram and Twitter the more I can expose my brand to the public. This is how you should be thinking if you are a CEO. I encourage you to gain followers through every social media platform and to promote your brand through these platforms Instagram , Facebook Twitter , Vine , and Pinterest. By promoting your brand through social media you will not have to go outside and promote your brand every day. But I do suggest that you go to events and network. You can network a lot through social media but networking in person creates trust. You might not run into that person that you met at the event again but you can tell them to follow you on Instagram and Twitter so that they can keep up with your work. This is what I do and it is very effective trust me. Always brand yourself in a really good and profound way. Stay positive so that your followers won't unfollow you. And remember to always update your profiles every day and if not every day every week. And remember to keep your fan base interested and curious. Don't sleep on them or else they will sleep on you. This is Joshua Brown the CEO of the big October clothing thank you for reading.


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