How to deal with clients

Greetings and hello my name is Joshua Brown I am the CEO of the big October. Today I will be talking about how to deal with clients. I basically like you to make the client feel as special as possible. I usually make them feel happy about picking me to be there graphic designer for their project. Doing this makes them actually feel happy and makes them trust you more. You actually could become their friend as well. That's happened to me plenty of times. Once the client is in a good mood they definitely will trust you and no matter what design that you create or what project that you're on ; even if you mess up they will forgive you. The reason why is because it's hard to immediately stop the project and find another person to create for them. And it's also hard to create another bond with someone else. A client would rather forgive you and have you do it all over again to see if he can come out even better then to stop the project, fire you, and go to someone different because the next person might make a mistake also. so always make the client happy and feel really good about you and your skills. Let them see your resume, your portfolio, and your character. Represent yourself to be a person with dignity, pride in your work , and a good person in general. If you do this every client will love you. They will want to come back to you for every project that they have. They will not want to try to find someone else because everyone else are considered strangers. And people usually do not trust strangers. Keep up with the clients and stay up to date with them. Do not become a stranger. 

Customer satisfaction can be used as a key summary when it comes to dealing with clients. I used to work at urban outfitter's. They are rule was to always greet the customer and be friendly. By doing this they will be likely to listen to your suggestions on what they should buy in the store. You create a trust that they won't break within that time period of them shopping in that store. Even if you suggest something that they should buy and they don't buy it then and there they will be more likely to come back and buy or order it online.  The same rule applies when dealing with clients. They will listen to your suggestion on what their project should look like. Even though it's their vision you can add into their vision, improve it, and make it something that is far more than what they expected. If you can improve their vision then they will make you seem like an outstanding person. When they talk to other people they will talk about you and your outstanding work. All of this will occur behind closed doors and through several conversations. You'll get referred to by many people. 

When a client ask for something do it as soon as possible. If they call you respond as soon as possible. That means pick up the phone then and there, or if you're busy text them with the reason why you're busy. Let them know. They will understand and also give them a timeframe to which you will be able to respond to their message. They will see you as a person who means business. They will definitely take you seriously. This will also build trust. People who do not respond as soon as possible or who do not respond at all lose lots of trust. And that's in any relationship.

There may be times where the client does not like your work. When this happens it might actually be because you did not put all the time into the project that you should have done. Sometimes it's because the client just doesn't have the money to pay so they make up excuses as to why they don't like what you created. I have had that happen before.  no matter what the excuses for both parties as to why the project wasn't good enough brush your shoulders off and move onto the next project. There's some things that just don't work and there's lots of things that do. So keep it moving. 💯😄 . Some clients might not be on time when it comes to responding to messages, emailing you, or to meets.  Be patient and calm during these times. Always be on time if the client is late then at least it's them and not you. They will usually say oh I'm sorry. There sorry can be forgiven but you're sorry messes up your money. 💯 

I am a freelance graphic designer. As a freelance graphic designer I have to deal with lots of clients. These were just my experiences and what you should do to have better experiences than my own. I hope I've helped you out. Go out there and get as many clients as you can. Reach for the stars !

-Joshua brown

Ig @therealjoshuabrown